The people that make it all happen...

Nicholas Kayser, Food


If it has to do with food, Chef Kayser is your man! 

Well versed in all cuisine types from around the globe, Nicholas has a knack for guest engagement and connecting with the people around him. Always driving community, training, education and engagement. Chef is very active in the community, as well as local farms, and drives dish creation through sustainability, and an open mind. 

Emily Biederman, Everything


The glue that holds it all together...

Emily is a founding partner of the Zero Proof Dinner Series. Her experience through the restaurant industry is life long, and her warming sense of engagement with the community is second to none. We know how to throw a party, and Emily is the one that makes sure it ticks from the beginning to the end. 

Connor Green, Beverage


Zero Proof... 'Nuff Said...   Although, Connor Green is all the proof we need, that the approach to  more thoughtfully crafted cocktails, and the absence of alcohol, can still lead to a magical experience for all to embrace, and is the driving force behind the mission of ZeroProof as a whole. Connor's way with flavors, shrubs, fermentations, and craft cocktails is unparalleled in the business, and his open mind to community stands alone with the Zero Proof mission.